October 9, 2021

Are you looking for fan-made HeroQuest adventures? You have come to the right place.

This site will host fan-made HeroQuest adventures as well as high quality scans of the HeroQuest Game System, all HeroQuest expansions and a lot of other HeroQuest merchandise.

Every adventure you find on this site has been remade into nice looking booklets and has been made as easy as possible for you to play. Everything you have to do is download the quest, print it and start playing.

I don't know if I will get permission to host all of my remakes but links to the original files are included on each quest page.

My remakes include the following:
  • Booklets that matches the original HeroQuest Booklet in size and style
  • Booklets with only Vector Graphics, meaning no pixelated quest map images
  • Tiles with 300dpi resolution and correct measurements to match the HeroQuest gameboard
  • Cards with 300dpi resolution and the same measurements as the original HeroQuest cards

  • For best result you will need a printer that can print in A3 format. You can find more information and explanations on how to print the quests in the "Help" section.

    - Andreas (addemose@gmail.com)


    - Permission to host "Break the Curse" by Patroclus.

    - Permission to host Knightkrawlers massive questpack "Heroes & Villains".

    - All quests has been added.

    - A Yellow download button means I have tried to contact the author of that quests multiple times without respons.
    - A Blue download button means I did not get permission to host the quest. You are linked to the source of the quest.
    - A Green download button means I have gotten the authors permission to host the quest.

    If you are an author of a quest on this site and want it removed, please contact me.

    - New quest added: Single Quests by David E. Sulger
    - New quest added: Beastman Terror


    - New quest added: AlterQuest: A New Adventure
    - New quest added: Heralds of Chaos